Businesses should consider Apple

Apple has long been popular with the designer crowd, producing sleek and beautiful computers and software that turns out equally beautiful output. In the past few years, starting with the introduction of the iPhone and more powerful computers like the Macbook Pro and Mac Mini, Apple has started to grab the attention of small businesses and regular consumers alike.

Master OS X with these five tips

Apple computers and the operating system they run, OS X, are being adopted by small businesses in growing numbers. If your business has recently moved to OS X you’ll know it can be a bit of a chore to migrate over to a new system, and when you do, employees have to learn to use and get used to the new system.

Ready or not, here comes another OS X

The mountain lion is often seen as a formidable cat, it’s highly adaptive and found in almost every major ecosystem in North and South America. These traits are what Apple is going for with its next version of OS X, Mountain Lion. With a scheduled release a few months from now, there are a number of features that will give small businesses the opportunity to roar.