A Rare Quality In the IT Industry

A Rare Quality In the IT Industry

I recently met Andy at a Level Platforms Roadshow (February 20, 2012), and out of all the panel members I had a chance to speak to, Andy was the one who was really listening and not interested in sharing his resume. Andy was personable, honest, and I was very impressed with him and his business acumen and would highly recommend him not only as a business owner, but also as part of a mastermind group. Andy cares about the industry, his customers, and invests in others.

IT Consultant
Cantey Technology, Charleston, SC

With Gaeltek, I Feel Educated and Prepared

With Gaeltek, I Feel Educated and Prepared

Amanda is an incredibly inspiring individual. I can't thank her enough for all the support and advice she has given me as a small business owner. 

In particular I follow her Gaeltek blog and I have learned so much about technology. As a blogger I need to be aware of the latest technology both good (like new products and services) and bad (viruses and restrictive legislation). 

One of my favorite posts of hers I've read so far was on SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, and ACTA. I thought I knew everything there was to know about SOPA and PIPA but because of her level of expertise I was actually able to understand the legislation on a deeper level. The Internet is a scary place but with Amanda and Gaeltek with me I feel educated and prepared.

The Aubergine Chef, Gainesville, VA

Leverages Technology To Help Clients Grow

Leverages Technology To Help Clients Grow

Andy brings an insight into both business and technical needs of his customers to bear with deep understanding of the way to build a solid, service focused organization. He leverages technology effectively to help his customers grow, never losing sight of the fact that he is there to provide service -- and excellent service. He advocates well on behalf of his customers and their needs, and is always willing to offer assistance to anyone in the IT channel who needs it. I highly recommend him.

Director of Partner Community
Level Platforms

Passion and Knowledge

Passion and Knowledge

Mr. Harper is an outstanding individual who goes out of his way to make sure he gets the job done and done right. He truly cares about his clients and partners. He was my customer but if I ever needed something from him he would be there for me. His company is built with passion, knowledge and in the best interest of his customers. If you need fully managed network support, help desk or any other service that Andy and his team provide, I would suggest you grab them while you still can.

Co-Founder & President
Maximum Business Intelligence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Cost Effective Solution for a Small Firm

Cost Effective Solution for a Small Firm

What I like best about Gaeltek is the response time. Gaeltek is always available to resolve a problem with any hardware or software within an hour. It was a concern of MWAP (Michael Winstanley Architects & Planners) not having an in-house IT manager but it has worked out better that we could have expected and is a cost effective solution for a small firm. In this industry, prompt response is a large portion of our success and Gaeltek has aided in making this possible.

Michael Winstanley Architects & Planners, Alexandria, VA

Kirk Rostron

Gaeltek is quick to respond and are very thorough in their responses. We never feel that they are too rushed to spend the appropriate amount of time with us in discussions and recommendations. Gaeltek provides excellent customer service. They have been a valuable asset to our company and we would recommend them without hesitation.

Managing Partner
The Mt. Vernon Group, Alexandria, VA

Joe Fallone

What I like most about Gaeltek is the responsiveness! Gaeltek has responded quickly to almost every issue no matter how we contact them. My folks appreciate the timeliness of Gaeltek’s support, as well as the deployment of capabilities that we did not have previously, such as an enterprise email system with Blackberry support and our new VOIP phone system. Gaeltek is doing a very good job.

Vice President & General Manager
Global Services & Solutions, Inc., Arlington, VA

Jon Praed

Gaeltek is outstanding....technical skills explained in plain English, great customer support, and amazing responsiveness. Most importantly, Gaeltek works as a partner with your business. They listen to you, and translate your needs into technical solutions. Our law firm tracks down and stops cyber fraudsters and other Advanced Persistent Threats, so we know something about the threats out there. We’ve depended on Gaeltek for years, and they’ve been a tremendous partner helping us manage our network and keep us secure, and whenever we’ve had a problem – 24/7/365 – they’ve been there to fix it.

Founding and Managing Partner
The Internet Law Group, Arlington, VA

Erick Finley

Before we partnered with Gaeltek, we were struggling with our computers' operating systems. The server was not large enough. The computers were not being serviced properly. Many of the software licenses had expired. Our server has now been upgraded to accommodate our needs. The computers are now on a maintenance schedule. All of the software licenses are current and we now get all of the updates from the software companies. In addition to bringing our operating and network systems up to speed is the customer service that Gaeltek has brought to our company. We can call or send an email to their help line and get a response in minutes. The issues are taken care of quickly so that our business is not interrupted. Many times I have asked for help on nights and weekends and have had the same quick response.

Finley Asphalt & Paving, Bristow, VA

Cathy Kalimon

We were such novices with naive ideas and people would not tell us what we needed to know. The question was always ‘why didn’t you ask’ and our response was ‘we didn’t know enough to know what to ask’ and then we met Andy. Sarah found Gaeltek online and Andy came in the next morning. He told us what we needed to do, know, purchase, lease and how it should get done! I don’t think we have enough paper [to describe the benefits of partnering with Gaeltek]… Gaeltek asked us what are needs were and they researched and advised us on the best product that would suit our needs. One of the best things about working with Gaeltek is personal service and they don’t make you feel inferior if you don’t know something.

Eyman Associates, Washington, DC

What I like most about Gaeltek is their timely response to issues, friendliness and (they’re) always available to help. I never have to worry if or when my IT issues will be fixed.

Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Hovde Financial, Inc., Inverness, IL

What I like most about Gaeltek is their responsiveness. I am almost always able to reach someone within 5-10 minutes, whether by email or phone. I have had a couple problems with viruses attacking my computer in the past couple months. Each time it happened, I was able to reach someone with Gaeltek very quickly, and they helped me avert the virus and then scan my computer to get back up and running as quickly as possible. I really appreciated the timeliness of the response. I am happy to have a competent, hard-working IT company on my side. We are very happy with Gaeltek!

Economic Consulting Firm
Washington, DC

Gaeltek deals with IT problems like a magic trick … now you see it, now you don't.

Pugs-n-Stitches, LLC, Pasadena, MD

I inadvertently let my password expire (operator error) and therefore could not access the network to send email at work or remotely. I put in a trouble call (web) at around 9pm on a Friday, because I needed it fixed to get some work done that night. It was the first time I marked something urgent or needing fixing right away. I got the automatic response (email) that the trouble call was received immediately. Within about a half hour, I got a call from Andy and he started the process to get me fixed. It couldn't be solved on the first call, but he explained courteously what he was going to try and do and what I should expect to see. It all pretty much happened as he described and I was able to knock out what I needed to do Friday night. This far exceeded my expectations; I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to get help and finish the work until Monday.

Comparing my experiences with IT support from different private companies, Gaeltek has been the most timely, the most competent, the most courteous, and the most professional by far.

Senior Program Manager
Global Services & Solutions, Inc., Arlington, VA

I like Gaeltek’s knowledgeable, efficient and friendly services. The biggest benefit we’ve received with Gaeltek is their fast response time. Gaeltek addresses our specific needs and understands our IT system and business policies. Thank you for the excellent support over the years, particularly recently with all the changes to our organisation's global and regional support.

Resources and Finance Manager
International Education and Cultural Organization, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Around 3:00 p.m. one afternoon in January 2011, Acclaim staff were working in SubroPro, one of Acclaim’s custom line of business applications, when suddenly the data was gone and users started getting errors in their browser interfaces. A subcontractor on the line of business application had been working on the live system at the time and both they and Gaeltek were informed of the error messages that users were receiving. Gaeltek took charge and contacted the subcontractor to start investigating what had happened. At this point the subcontractor realized that the steps they had taken had caused the problem – and had effectively deleted all the data in a 107Gb database. At 3:30 p.m. we decided to send staff home so that we could focus on recovery of the database, as it is essential to our business operations. Acclaim management, Gaeltek, and our subcontractor had a meeting to determine exactly what happened so the best course of action for recovery could be determined. Due to the nature of the database and how it was being used and managed by the subcontractor, the only option was to restore from the previous evening’s backup. Gaeltek immediately made this their priority and stressed their desire to minimize the impact of downtime and to get Acclaim operational. Throughout the data recovery operation, I was impressed with the level of communication by Gaeltek. The hourly update emails instilled confidence and made me feel very confident that although we had lost the database that there would be a full recovery to the previous night’s backup. Between the Axcient backup solution and Gaeltek’s professional approach, we were confident that we had everything under control. Monetary impact of the mistake by the subcontractor was in the range of $110,000 in lost productivity and repeated effort (due to having to re-enter data from the day of the event). This figure could have been much higher, but Gaeltek had us operational very quickly. I felt very good about how this issue was handled. Gaeltek has a very professional approach, they communicated very well throughout the data recovery process and they had Acclaim operational as quickly as possible. They also worked with our subcontractor to take steps to prevent a similar repeat of this event in the future. I am very happy with the full range of services and support that we get from Gaeltek!

Vice President, Operations
Subrogation Firm, Bloomington, IL

I just wanted to give you a big “THANK YOU”. I was able to work from home this morning before I actually came to work!! Remote access works like a charm!!

Project Coordinator
Finley Asphalt & Sealing, Inc., Bristow, VA

Gaeltek’s best features are a quick initial response time, personalized attention to IT issues and willingness to spend time explaining technical issues.

Arts Coordinator
Cultural Relations Organization, Washington, DC

What I like most about Gaeltek is the friendliness of Gaeltek staff and their willingness to help out at times beyond regular office hours. For me personally, I was locked out of my account over the weekend following Thanksgiving break. I emailed Gaeltek in a panic because I was traveling and needed to access some documents for a presentation and they immediately unlocked me.

Our server has gone down quite often over the last year and Gaeltek has been great at monitoring this and helping us get it back up as soon as possible. Overall, we aren't the easiest organization to work with, as we have offices spread across the US. Gaeltek has done a great job of working with us through our transition of adding more offices… Overall, they've been very responsive.

Education Marketing Coordinator
International Education and Cultural Organization, Washington, DC

Gaeltek always does a great job while providing excellent customer service.

Defense Contractor, Arlington, VA

I have mentioned before about the customer support that I have been provided by the GAELTEK team. Again I found myself unable to log into my GSS laptop last night and had to call for support at 8:00PM in the evening. Even at the late time Andy was willing to work through the issue and correct the problem so that I could log into my laptop and do some work. I have worked with many IT support teams and none that I have worked with in the past come close to the level of customer support that GAELTEK provides. It is reassuring to know that anytime a problem arises we have ready access to a support team staff that will drop what they are doing to provide excellent care and support.

Program Security Manager
Global Services & Solutions, Inc., Arlington, VA