Siren Services & Solutions is a cutting-edge IT Company! Lead by a woman of color, our team takes a combined 50+ years of IT business operation experience and use it to stay at the front of each new wave of technical innovation, and the security threats that arise from it. We are here to protect and shield you from every threat you can imagine, on a digital frontier that is always filled with great risk, but with the right protection, you can yield great rewards.

This isn't a fad for us. This is the culmination of more than 15 years of individual work for our CEO, and the hopes and aspirations of a combined more than 50 years of IT business operations and management experience being diluted and infused into a single, new entity, to forge a path forward for those that have felt held back by tradition and "The way things have been done".

Our History

Siren Services & Solutions represents a rebirth. Our team was born from a traditional Managed Service Provider which spent 15 years making sure everyone’s devices worked! Many lessons have been learned throughout that time. When our CEO first entered the field 2012, she immediately set about gaining a fundamental knowledge of computers, networks and security. She quickly noticed trends and realized that there were threats that a traditional MSP couldn't handle. She sought ongoing education and utilized the talented people that she has networked with along the way. As the years progressed, we came to realize that the same technologies commonly used to grow our company and help our clients were in some cases no longer the best option and others were potentially sucking us towards a cyclone of risk!

Siren Services & Solutions has emerged to service the needs that arise when a traditional MSP can't provide the best solutions needed for our modern, more interconnected world. A new company has emerged with the knowledge that our entire team must dedicate ourselves to doing the same thing the Original Siren did when she entered the field – constantly arm ourselves with knowledge to help us navigate the waves of change! We are always on the cutting edge, whether it be in the technologies we research for you, the methods we employ, the threats that we face, or the ways that we help our clients business, we are always innovating and pushing forward: your Way finder through these difficult to navigate waters.

While giving thanks to our past we want to forge a new path forward in the future. The inflexibility of traditionally managed service providers doesn't afford the kind of leeway that is at times needed in this unsure world. With the ever present and rising threat that comes to us from the employment of new technology, so here is Siren Services & Solutions to ensure that the new technology that you wish to deploy that tradition tells us to wait on is ready to be implemented into your business model at the earliest available time that makes sense for you.

Our Services & Solutions

Our Services and Solutions will help to be you do business in a hostile environment! We take an approach that allows us to give the highest quality service with the personal touch and best experience for our customers. We learn your business process, and design and implement solutions that are sustainable for you and give you all of the IT solutions that you require. We go through every technology and personally test them to see how they would rate and be useful for your business model. Not based on any metric except for what works for you.

We take the time with our highly trained staff to go through new products and new ways of doing business and analyze whether they would suit you and your needs. We take the work out of your hands, when it comes to IT, so that you can focus on implementing things you need for your business, not on making sure that you have the tools and technology that you need to do so.

Each of our customers has a dedicated team of Technical and Account management specialists that will ensure that they receive scheduled reporting on their IT systems, detailed analytics of your usage, trend analysis to identify future goals and needs, immediate and long term IT planning, creating and sticking to an IT budget that works for you.